Around the country, action councils are forming to prepare to flood the system this fall.

It’s critical that we keep building momentum and excitement.

That means creating a flood of art that indicates what’s to come, that makes the connections between climate, racial and economic injustice clear and irresistible.

It means myriad different illustrations of how our collective power is like water. It means earnestness, righteousness and lightness, songs and videos and illustrations and zines and countless other things.

In short, it means getting all kinds of creative people (like you?) involved and doing what they do – creating. To instigate and facilitate this explosion of art, we’ve formed a Flood the System Arts & Cultural Strategies working group and made a CALL FOR ART to encourage people across the continent to think about what art would be helpful and how to make it accountability.

If you’re inspired to help, fill out this ARTIST INTAKE FORM to get connected to local organizers and to other artists, as well as to put in requests for funding, mentorship, or advice.*

Just as Flood the System is about getting coordinated in ways that will last beyond this year, this call for art is an opportunity for people who make art for our movements to connect to each other.

We know arts and cultural work adds so much power to our movements. Getting organized at scale will lead to inspiring work that grounds and amplifies our collective organizing for years to come.

Is there a song-leader or a banner painter who always throws down for your group? A friend who makes jaw-dropping illustrations? Or is that person you?? If so: Respond to the CALL FOR ART!

The call includes instructions on how to share work strategically. Fill out the ARTIST INTAKE FORM so that they can ask for the support they need. Forward this e-mail to your creative friends so they do the same!

*What’s an artist? Well, everyone is an artist, because creativity is an inherently human quality. At the same time, some people identify as artists and do it for fun and/or work. It’s complicated…but you know what we mean!

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