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Colorado Anti-Fracking Activists Take Direct Action at Governor’s Mansion

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Colorado Anti-Fracking Activists Take Direct Action at Governor's Mansion

Anti-fracking activists in Denver Colorado have erected a 20 foot mock wooden oil derrick in front of Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper’s mansion in a posh Denver neighborhood demanding an end to the practice in their state.

A mother and daughter from the frack impacted community of Loveland, CO have chained themselves to the oil rig in protest, while another anti-fracking activist is perched atop it. Loudspeakers have been mounted to the top of the platform, projecting the personal stories of citizens who’ve been harmed by fracking.

Under Hickenlooper, Colorado has been reckless in its development of shale gas reserves. Over 55,000 wells are currently in production and industry’s cozy relationship with the governor continues to maintain business as usual.

Across the country thousands of instances of health and safety impacts have been reported in relation to the controversial extraction process. While states such as New York and Maryland have taken a cautious approach, Colorado has been reckless in its development of shale gas reserves. State studies of the impact from the Colorado School of Public Health, NOAA, and others were instrumental in New York’s decision to ban fracking earlier this year.

Since 2012 Colorado communities have passed five fracking bans and moratoria via ballot initiative, while being hugely outspent by the oil and gas industry. Governor Hickenlooper and the Colorado Oil and Gas Association have issued lawsuits attempting to overturn the results of the democratic process. The cases are now on appeal and will be decided on by the Colorado Supreme Court.

The fight between the oil and gas industry and communities in Colorado is escalating. Ordinary people are taking to the streets to challenge fracking and shale development. Now is the time for our voices to be heard in standing against this dangerous practice.

Interested in planning a #FloodTheSystem action this fall? Click this link!

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Resist 450 – Call for Solidarity September 8

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As part of the Resist 450 Coalition Flood the System and Rising Tide North America call upon our networks to take action against colonialism and indigenous genocide on September 8th.

On September 8, the City of St. Augustine, Florida is commemorating 450 years since the first landing of Spanish Conquistadors in what would become the United States.

Join us in St. Augustine to show your resistance! Click here to get plugged in.

From Resist 450:

The Resist 450 Coalition are planning to demonstrate our opposition to the City of St Augustine’s commemoration, which is honoring and re-enacting the landing of Pedro Menendez on September 8th. This re-enactment of Spanish conquistadors landing on present-day Florida is comparable to celebrating Adolf Hitler’s return for Jewish people.

We welcome everyone who can to join us in St Augustine on this day and for a weeklong action and demonstration camp led by indigenous peopls and their allies from Sept 5 – 9. On September 8th a group of conscious canoeists and kayaktivists paddle out to meet the re-enactment to show our support for the rights of Indigenous Peoples and to uphold our responsibility to bring awareness that Mother Earth is the source of life not a resource for exploitation.

The Pedro Menendez impersonator represents the European colonial mentality of domination and privilege. This misguided and illegal belief is empowered by the Catholic Church’s papal bulls, which directed Christians to “capture, vanquish, and subdue the saracens, pagans, and other enemies of Christ,”to “put them into perpetual slavery,” and “to take all their possessions and property.” As Pope Francis is traveling the world apologizing to Indigenous Peoples for the Church’s actions, the City of St Augustine is still celebrating these acts of terror and theft. We, the Resist 450 Coalition, intend to show that we do not share the same values as those that are attempting to glorify the colonial mentality.

The City of St Augustine essentially became a prison town for Indigenous Peopleswho were held at the Castillo de San Marcos. The origin of the City of St Augustine became the foundation for the abrogation of the rights of Indigenous Peoples and the blueprint for ecocide throughout the world.

This moment in history marks the beginning of what has become the United States Empire, built on genocide, ecocide, theft, slavery, war and exploitation of the Earth for profit. The “Doctrine of Discovery” is the root of the system that has brought the entire planet to the point of irreversible climate change, unprecedented period of mass extinction and the moral deterioration of society.

This and other activities will take place as part of a week long camp from Sept 5 – 9, where Indigenous Peoples, activists and individuals wanting to be on the right side of history are invited to come together to promote peaceful solutions to assure the survival of the future generations of all life by addressing environmental, cultural and social justice issues.

If you cannot attend the event in St. Augustine, the Resist 450 Coalition asks that you participate in planning solidarity demonstration in your own community. The list of cities with Spanish Consulatesoffers an appropriate opportunity to deliver the message to “Renounce the 450th celebration of Spain’s genocidal war criminals and the doctrines that promote the destruction of Nature for profit.”

The Resist 450 Coalition also invites donations to assist in the planning of the camp and demonstrations. Donations can be made by clicking here.

#FloodTheSystem Training and Organizing Opportunities

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Upcoming Webinar &Past Webinar Recordings

Upcoming Webinars:

Sept 29 – SURJ Basebuilding: Building Accountability Relationships Across Lines of Race (organized by SURJ, not FTS). Part 1 – Urban Setting. 1.5hrs. Sign up here: SURJ sees accountability to people of color as a core principle central to the work for racial justice and transformative change. Join this call to learn more about SURJ’s national accountability structure and to hear from organizers on how they are building local accountability relationships across lines of race. This call is part one of a two part series that will focus on accountability. This month, they’ll focus primarily on working in urban settings. Their October call will focus on accountability in rural and small town contexts.

Sept 30 – Outreach & Coalition Building: System Disrupting Strategies, Spectrum of Allies & More! 1-1.5hrs. Sign up here: This is an interactive webinar. Please bring your stories and experiences doing outreach and working across intersectional lines. This webinar is for organizers looking to recruit (more) people as well as coalition build. We’ll be talking about different outreach tactics, system disrupting strategies, spectrum of allies, how to create materials, the importance of tracking people, using organizing tools to create a buzz and turnout phone banking. Lots! 

Oct 7 – Action Planning 101: The Basics and Roles. 2hrs. Sign up here: is an interactive, screensharing webinar but, we’ll move quickly through the material as there’s a lot to cover. We’ll run through all the organizing components and roles of an action with power narrative analysis lens.

Oct 14 – Action Planning 102: Action Tactics and Communications. Sign up here: This is an interactive, screensharing webinar. Bring your tactic stories, successes and f-ups (with specific contexts). We’ll briefly touch on components of action communications and some things to think about, especially with a limited budget. This call may include some anonymous guest speakers from a few recent actions. Please bring your (or your friend’s) stories of what worked and what didn’t.

Oct 21 – Media, Messaging & Battle of the Story. Sign up here: is an interactive, screensharing webinar. Media strategy, spokesperson training and how-to create a compelling narrative. More info to come!


Webinars Not Nailed Down Yet: 

  • Racial justice for climate organizers + being accountable to intersectional targets. 1.5hrs.
  • Target Research & Scouting. 1-1.5hrs.
  • Creating a Narrative & Graphics for Your Narrative. 1hr.
  • How to make a rapid response video & How to frame an action photo. 1.5hrs.

Past Webinar Recordings:

Have you watched the Graphic Presentation yet? Listen here

Recordings are available in the #FTS Training Toolkit after the webinars.


Let’s Get Training! 

Request Training for Your Action Council or Action Team. Email with your request . We’ll come to you!

Dig Through The Movement’s Training Materials. A (working) collection of materials is at yr fingertips:’t see something? Ask or add it! Help us support others.

Want 1-on-1 mentoring for legal support, social media, fundraising, localized coalition building, or… Email:

Join the Training Working Group! Interested in sharing your movement knowledge and experience? Email to get on the trainer list. We’re looking for Action/Movement Building Trainers and Graphic Narrative Facilitators. Learn how to facilitate the #FTS Presentation by listening to a training:


Use the #FTS Graphic Presentation as an Organizing Tool! 

Sign up to host an in-person or online #FTS Presentation to host, you’ll need find a location and organize a group to attend. We’ll be in touch to help figure out the rest.

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Climate and Prisons Infographic

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What do you think of when you read about wildfires? Oil spills? Floods?

Do you think about the prison system?

Climate and Prisons

Click here to see the full infographic connecting  climate change and the prison system.

This Fall, folks from across the continent will Flood the System to expose and disrupt the root causes of injustice. To help, RADIKO’s Ceci Pineda delved into how climate capitalism exploits incarcerated workers, and how the climate crisis disparately impacts those incarcerated:

“The prison system and the climate crisis share the same destructive and exploitative root causes, disparately placing their capitalistic burdens on black and indigenous communities and the earth for white profit. As an organizer, I see it as my responsibility to understand how these crises are interrelated. I do not believe in false solutions, such as the greening of prisons or preparing them to face climate impacts, but rather will fight for their abolition.”

To overcome climate change, poor wages, unjust economic practices, and the unequal and racist foundation upon which this system is built, we must strive to understand how all of our struggles are connecte

This is the first infographic in a series.If you want to be notified about coming graphics on climate, migrant justice and gentrification be sure to sign up for Flood the System

#FloodTheSystem Statement of Solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives

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unitedwe fight solidarity image

Today marks one year and one day since Mike Brown was murdered and the Ferguson Uprising began. In Ferguson and around the country people are taking to the streets as part of the #UnitedWeFight Day of Resistance. Flood the System, and the groups participating in across the continent, stand in solidarity with the #UnitedWeFight in unequivocally asserting that Black Lives Matter. During the past year, the people of Ferguson and the Black Lives Matter movement have led the way into a new era of resistance in this country. This resistance couldn’t be more urgent.

This fall, groups participating in Flood the System will carry out escalated actions against the systems that threaten our collective survival. In the lead up, we pledge to fight back against white supremacy, capitalism, colonialism, and patriarchy—the systems that created the climate crisis and leave black communities in the United States in a constant state of crisis of state-sanctioned violence, mass incarceration, and poverty. We recommit ourselves to embody organizing that centers an understanding of white supremacy’s role in the climate crisis and follow the leadership of indigenous and people of color in the Climate Justice Movement. We call upon other climate and environmental justice organizations – and the wider climate movement – to do the same.

This fall, we are deepening our analysis of the ways in which the climate crisis is connected to and fueled by the same systems that create other injustices–from mass incarceration, to poverty wages, to gentrification. We commit to an escalation in our organizing, participation, and the tactical courage we need to achieve a profound societal transformation that uproots the institutions of capitalism, colonialism, patriarchy, and white supremacy. And, we commit ourselves to linking arms with allies fighting for an end to the criminalization, incarceration, and brutal policing of Black and Brown bodies.

Want to support the Movement for Black Lives?

JOIN US: Click here to add your name in solidarity with The Movement for Black Lives.

Follow Ferguson Action Council on Twitter

Like Showing Up for Racial Justice on Facebook to get resources for white allies.

To learn more about how Flood the System organizers are addressing white supremacy, check out the Rising Tide Commitment to Anti-Racism, Anti-Racist Organizing and Accountability for Flood the System.

#FloodTheSystem: Regional Orientations!

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It’s time to get organized!

Join the #FloodTheSystem continental orientation call: Monday, June 8, 8PM EST/5pm PST.

This call is a place to get an overview of the #FtS Call to Action, hear regional organizing updates and get linked up with other groups wanting to Flood the System later this fall.

You can also plug into regional work by joining #FloodTheSystem watershed gatherings at the US Social Forums or by joining a regional orientation call.

US Social Forums:

Rising Tide North America and it’s allies are organizing two Watershed Gatherings at the US Social Forums in San Jose, California and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania this June. The program schedules for the Social Forums haven’t been released yet, but at both locations, Rising Tide will host workshops for information and training, and a #FloodtheSystem Action Council. We’ll make sure to share the exact time and location of each workshop when the schedule is available. RSVP through these event pages on Facebook:

June 25-28th Philadelphia, PA:

June 24-28th San Jose, CA:

And register for the US Social Forums here:
Regional Orientation Calls:

You can also hop on regional conference calls in the coming week to help kickstart #FloodTheSystem in your area.

Gulf South Region: Wednesday, June 3rd 8PM EST // 7PM Central:

Southwest: Thursday, June 4th 6PM MT // 5PM PT

Pacific Northwest: Wednesday, June 3rd 6PM PST

Northeast Region: Wednesday, June 10th 8PM EST:

What we’re working on:

#FloodTheSystem organizers are working with local groups to plan escalating actions this Fall. We will help individuals join existing groups or form new ones.

Together we can stream your actions, along with others across the continent, into a flood that will rise in the fall and crest around the UN climate negotiations in Paris. Let’s shift the focus away from the UN’s false corporate solutions to the climate crisis and toward community-based alternatives. Alternatives that address the systemic origins of the crisis: white supremacy, colonialism, patriarchy and capitalism.

We can only make this happen if we get organized.

Over the summer, “anchor” groups in different, regions or relating to different issues (like a focus on pipelines or oil trains all doing an action at the same time), will develop and provide a place to connect and collaborate. These anchor groups are committing to planning Flood the System actions through local action councils and facilitating the process for different groups to work together and plan big, amazing things.