Climate and Prisons Infographic

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What do you think of when you read about wildfires? Oil spills? Floods?

Do you think about the prison system?

Climate and Prisons

Click here to see the full infographic connecting  climate change and the prison system.

This Fall, folks from across the continent will Flood the System to expose and disrupt the root causes of injustice. To help, RADIKO’s Ceci Pineda delved into how climate capitalism exploits incarcerated workers, and how the climate crisis disparately impacts those incarcerated:

“The prison system and the climate crisis share the same destructive and exploitative root causes, disparately placing their capitalistic burdens on black and indigenous communities and the earth for white profit. As an organizer, I see it as my responsibility to understand how these crises are interrelated. I do not believe in false solutions, such as the greening of prisons or preparing them to face climate impacts, but rather will fight for their abolition.”

To overcome climate change, poor wages, unjust economic practices, and the unequal and racist foundation upon which this system is built, we must strive to understand how all of our struggles are connecte

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