Rising Tide Commitment to Anti-Racism, Anti-Racist Organizing and Accountability for Flood the System


Flood the System originated as a project from Rising Tide North America (RTNA), and therefore much of the organizing has been incubated by folks within the wider RTNA network.

The Rising Tide network is predominantly white within a historically white climate movement. Because of decades of work by People of Color within the climate and environmental justice movements, the climate movement is learning to center the voices of the frontlines. However, the climate and environmental movement more broadly has been too slow to make the connections between climate justice, indigenous rights and racial justice.

In this moment, we aim to push the climate movement to deeply educate, reassess and align itself with the Black liberation movement, Indigenous resistance and land defense movements, Migrant rights movements and with transformational work that ends white supremacy. Flood the System is another step in what we know is a long road to creating education and training opportunities that firmly grounds the RTNA chapters, allies and wider network in a shared analysis explicitly around the intersecting systems of oppression of white supremacy, patriarchy, colonialism and capitalism.

As we build the Flood, and more people become involved, the work will live in the hands of the people taking action at the local level. Throughout this process Rising Tide is committed to holding itself and groups taking up the call to action accountable through sharing resources for training and education, making our core organizing team available for dialogue and feedback, and supporting groups trying to build safe multi-racial/multi-cultural organizing spaces.

How Does this Work Go Beyond Words?

Education & Training

Rising Tide is working to partner with Showing up For Racial Justice (SURJ) and other anti-racist groups to create curriculum for training local Action Councils on white allyship in the global social justice movement. Because Flood the System has created some movement energy and because we have upfront principles around anti-racism, as we tour for Flood the System, we hope to do open public workshops on the intersections of white supremacy and the climate crisis for groups affiliated with Rising Tide and more traditional environmental activists.

We are excited by integrating this outreach work with SURJ’s work and we are working to cement these plans. In the short-term, we are providing local action councils with materials on anti-racist organizing principles through the Flood the System Organizing Booklet.

Anti-Racism Education & Awareness Resources

Flood Action Councils Encouraged to Organize for Childcare, Food and Transport Anti-racist organizing means recognizing the barriers individuals face to participate in the organizing because of needing childcare, the cost transport and the reality that many low-income People of Color struggle to secure daily meals. The Fundraising Working Group of Flood the System is working to gain material resources that will support the entire project, in addition to local action councils creating their own fundraising strategies. We aim to be able to provide some support to local action councils that are signed on to do a Flood action. As resources come online and local action councils grow, we will encourage organizers to prioritize having food and childcare at their meetings and look for ways to support those needing transport assistance (organizing rideshare boards, DIY fundraising for metro cards, etc.) in order to help create a more accessible anti-racist organizing environment.

Access to Core Organizing Team

We are committed to making ourselves available for dialogue, criticism, feedback and improvements related to the enactment of these principles and commitments. We will do this in our public monthly Flood the System calls and webinars, and also through direct e-mail communication between network-wide coordinators and local organizers.

We welcome feedback and questions from local organizers in our network on how to better embody these principles through Flood the System:

East coast organizing: Sandy Nurse sandy [at] floodthesystem [dot] net
West coast organizing: Ahmed Gaya ahmed [at] floodthesystem [dot] net
Support for white organizers: Arielle Klagsbrun aklagsbrun [at] gmail [dot] com

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