#FloodTheSystem Training and Organizing Opportunities

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Upcoming Webinar &Past Webinar Recordings

Upcoming Webinars:

Sept 29 – SURJ Basebuilding: Building Accountability Relationships Across Lines of Race (organized by SURJ, not FTS). Part 1 – Urban Setting. 1.5hrs. Sign up here: bit.ly/1jc3VYl. SURJ sees accountability to people of color as a core principle central to the work for racial justice and transformative change. Join this call to learn more about SURJ’s national accountability structure and to hear from organizers on how they are building local accountability relationships across lines of race. This call is part one of a two part series that will focus on accountability. This month, they’ll focus primarily on working in urban settings. Their October call will focus on accountability in rural and small town contexts.

Sept 30 – Outreach & Coalition Building: System Disrupting Strategies, Spectrum of Allies & More! 1-1.5hrs. Sign up here: bit.ly/ftsoutreachwebinar. This is an interactive webinar. Please bring your stories and experiences doing outreach and working across intersectional lines. This webinar is for organizers looking to recruit (more) people as well as coalition build. We’ll be talking about different outreach tactics, system disrupting strategies, spectrum of allies, how to create materials, the importance of tracking people, using organizing tools to create a buzz and turnout phone banking. Lots! 

Oct 7 – Action Planning 101: The Basics and Roles. 2hrs. Sign up here: bit.ly/ftsactionplanwebinarThis is an interactive, screensharing webinar but, we’ll move quickly through the material as there’s a lot to cover. We’ll run through all the organizing components and roles of an action with power narrative analysis lens.

Oct 14 – Action Planning 102: Action Tactics and Communications. Sign up here: bit.ly/ftsactionplan2webinar. This is an interactive, screensharing webinar. Bring your tactic stories, successes and f-ups (with specific contexts). We’ll briefly touch on components of action communications and some things to think about, especially with a limited budget. This call may include some anonymous guest speakers from a few recent actions. Please bring your (or your friend’s) stories of what worked and what didn’t.

Oct 21 – Media, Messaging & Battle of the Story. Sign up here: bit.ly/ftsmediawebinarThis is an interactive, screensharing webinar. Media strategy, spokesperson training and how-to create a compelling narrative. More info to come!


Webinars Not Nailed Down Yet: 

  • Racial justice for climate organizers + being accountable to intersectional targets. 1.5hrs.
  • Target Research & Scouting. 1-1.5hrs.
  • Creating a Narrative & Graphics for Your Narrative. 1hr.
  • How to make a rapid response video & How to frame an action photo. 1.5hrs.

Past Webinar Recordings:

Have you watched the Graphic Presentation yet? Listen here bit.ly/ftsrecordings

Recordings are available in the #FTS Training Toolkit after the webinars.


Let’s Get Training! 

Request Training for Your Action Council or Action Team. Email training@floodthesystem.net with your request . We’ll come to you!

Dig Through The Movement’s Training Materials. A (working) collection of materials is at yr fingertips: bit.ly/ftstrainingtoolkitDon’t see something? Ask or add it! Help us support others.

Want 1-on-1 mentoring for legal support, social media, fundraising, localized coalition building, or… Email: training@floodthesystem.net.

Join the Training Working Group! Interested in sharing your movement knowledge and experience? Email Training@floodthesystem.net to get on the trainer list. We’re looking for Action/Movement Building Trainers and Graphic Narrative Facilitators. Learn how to facilitate the #FTS Presentation by listening to a training: bit.ly/ftsrecordings.


Use the #FTS Graphic Presentation as an Organizing Tool! 

Sign up to host an in-person or online #FTS Presentation to host, you’ll need find a location and organize a group to attend. We’ll be in touch to help figure out the rest.

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