Flood System Repair

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Flood Repair

Flood, blockade, occupy and shut down the systems that hold us back

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North America

This September, Rising Tide North America is calling for mass actions to shut down the economic and political systems threatening our survival.

Taking To Streets

Already, hundreds of thousands are taking to the streets to fight back against climate flooding, capitalism and white supremacy.

Water Resistance

This wave of resistance couldn’t be more urgent. To stop climate chaos we need a phenomenal escalation in organizing, participation and tactical courage.

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We need a profound flood transformation

We need to #FloodTheSystem.

Riverside County

In the lead up to the United Nations climate talks in Paris this December

we will escalate local and regional resistance against systems that threaten our collective survival. 

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Cleaner energy

Project Consultancy

Insurance and legal support

Together, we will open alternative paths to the failing negotiations of political elites.

This is not another protest. It is a call for a massive economic and political intervention. It is a call to build the relationships needed to sustain our struggles for the long haul. To build popular power along the intersections of race, class, gender and ability. To collectively unleash our power and change everything.