Upcoming Webinars:

Nov 11 - Research Tools for Organizers Sign up here: bit.ly/ftsresearchwebinarThis is an interactive, screensharing webinar.  Research can be a powerful tool to inform campaigns, mass actions, and narratives of our local and national movements. This webinar will focus on some basic research tools that organizers can use to investigate powerful people, corporations, and organizations in their region. We will start to answer questions including: What business, social, and philanthropic relationships does a particular CEO have? Who are a particular corporation’s biggest investors? How can I map out the connections between the Board of Directors of two corporations? How can I identify the most powerful people in my city? Research tools covered will include: Google! LittleSis ("an involuntary facebook of the 1%"), EDGAR (the Security and Exchange Commission's search engine for public corporation's filings).

Past Webinar Recordings

Have you watched the Graphic Presentation yet? Listen here bit.ly/ftsrecordings

Recordings are available in the #FTS Training Toolkit or aT bit.ly/ftsrecordings after the webinars.

  • WEBINAR RECORDING AVAILABLE FOR: Sept 30th - Outreach & Coalition Building: System Disrupting Strategies & Spectrum of Allies
  • WEBINAR RECORDING AVAILABLE FOR:Oct 7 - Action Planning 101: The Basics and Roles. 
  • WEBINAR RECORDING AVAILABLE FOR:Oct 14 - Action Planning 102: Action Tactics and Communications.
  • WEBINAR RECORDING AVAILABLE FOR:Oct 21 - Media, Messaging & Battle of the Story.   The agenda is as follows: Spokesperson and media training (how to effectively get local media); Battle of the story run through and worksheet orientation; Using graphic campaigns to tell our stories; and, supporting your stories with research.

  • WEBINAR RECORDING AVAILABLE FOR: Oct 27th - Creating rapid response video for direct actions and framing action photos .
  • WEBINAR RECORDING AVAILABLE FOR: Nov 4th - RACIAL JUSTICE FOR CLIMATE ORGANIZERS. The presenters are Erin Healey(from SURJ), Ahmed (from Rising Tide Seattle), Seneca (from Black Lives Matter Boston), Cecilia (Audre Lorde Project/Rising Tide NYC) and Jacqui Patterson (NAACP).

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