#FloodTheSystem Statement of Solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives

unitedwe fight solidarity image

Today marks one year and one day since Mike Brown was murdered and the Ferguson Uprising began. In Ferguson and around the country people are taking to the streets as part of the #UnitedWeFight Day of Resistance. Flood the System, and the groups participating in across the continent, stand in solidarity with the #UnitedWeFight in unequivocally asserting that Black Lives Matter. During the past year, the people of Ferguson and the Black Lives Matter movement have led the way into a new era of resistance in this country. This resistance couldn’t be more urgent.

This fall, groups participating in Flood the System will carry out escalated actions against the systems that threaten our collective survival. In the lead up, we pledge to fight back against white supremacy, capitalism, colonialism, and patriarchy—the systems that created the climate crisis and leave black communities in the United States in a constant state of crisis of state-sanctioned violence, mass incarceration, and poverty. We recommit ourselves to embody organizing that centers an understanding of white supremacy’s role in the climate crisis and follow the leadership of indigenous and people of color in the Climate Justice Movement. We call upon other climate and environmental justice organizations – and the wider climate movement – to do the same.

This fall, we are deepening our analysis of the ways in which the climate crisis is connected to and fueled by the same systems that create other injustices–from mass incarceration, to poverty wages, to gentrification. We commit to an escalation in our organizing, participation, and the tactical courage we need to achieve a profound societal transformation that uproots the institutions of capitalism, colonialism, patriarchy, and white supremacy. And, we commit ourselves to linking arms with allies fighting for an end to the criminalization, incarceration, and brutal policing of Black and Brown bodies.

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