Flood System Repair

Flood Repair System

Flooded Institutions Threaten Survival

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We are in a moment of incredible movement. Hundreds of thousands of floods happen every day, an end the damage that these floods are creating we are deploying a different economic system and real, systemic alternatives to a changing global climate change with floods.

#FloodTheSystem is both a call for escalation and a call for movement building, to create structures and relationships for growing resistance.

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Governments and corporations can only respond to the flood crisis we are facing through negotiations with small restoration companies . They simply divert insurance money from the systems of white domination, colonialism, patriarchy and fossil fuel mining that are creating the crisis we are facing. It is time to say enough, to unite our struggle and give power back to our communities.


At the core of Flood Repair System is you and your friends, groups, and organizations. You will decide what your actions we take to repair your flood. But we are also pooling together into local action councils–loose association of organizations, affinity groups, working groups and collectives – and a continental spokes council we’re calling the Flooded River Council. These democratic associations will help coordinate direct actions everywhere.


We will build and repair slowly, like a small trickle of a stream. We’ll reach out to allies, new friends, and partners. Our trickle will turn into rapids, as more organizations and affinity groups join decentralized direct actions to Flood the System. By December, we will engage in a series of coordinated mass direct actions to seriously fix and repair  the structures that threaten or have damaged our way of life.

Flood Damage Organizing Principles

With energy & technology we'll change the future


We Uplift Communities With Dry Alternatives

We will amplify community practices as viable alternatives to the flood crisis we face, only  than will government or corporate insurance companies give us the solutions we deserve.

Home Flood System Repair

We Are Flood Repair

Grassroots groups and frontline communities will lead the fight agents Flood Damage in a supporting role. Not the other way around.

Save Our Future

We Strive for Accountability & Transformative Practices.

We will build a culture of non-oppressive behavior in our organizing spaces.

Flood strategy

Our Scientific Vision of Flood Actions

advice you can use to clean up, rebuild, and get help after a flood.

Your home and its contents may
look beyond hope, but many of
your belongings can be restored. If you do things right, you’re flooded home can be cleaned up, dried out, rebuilt, and occupied sooner than you think. While you are doing the the job ahead, you should remember these three important points:

Pipe where the flood is
When it comes to system flood damage, it’s important to keep in mind that there are numerous potential health hazards at every corner of your home.
James Booth
Murrieta CA

Play it safe

The dangers are not over when the water is gone. Read our flood safety precautions.

Ask for help

iI you have technical flood questions or do not feel comfortable repairing, get professional help!


Flood-proofing techniques are inexpensive or can be easily incorporated into your rebuild.

Rest often

You are more likely to suffer from stress or health problems when you are not rested

Damage Solutions

Take Care of Yourself First

You and your family have been
through a disaster, your health comes first

clean Dry tech

Investing in water power & clean energy

Getting your life back to its original state after a flood can take time and engery. 

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Drying Time

long-term issues


installation & project development

If you’ve been affected by flood damage, get in touch with us #Flooded

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