In the Fall of 2015 hundreds of self-organized groups of activists, artists and people who care about our future, are taking action together. Washing over, occupying, blockading, shutting down and flooding the institutions that exploit us and threaten our survival.

We are in a moment of incredible movement. Hundreds of thousands of people are demanding better wages, an end to police brutality and deportations, a different economic system and real, systemic alternatives to a changing global climate.

Governments and corporations will only address the crisis we face with negotiations that propose minor changes and sustain capitalism. They only divert attention away from systems of, white supremacy, colonialism, patriarchy and fossil fuel extraction that created the crisis we face. It is the time to say enough is enough, connect our struggles, and shift power back to our communities.


#FloodTheSystem is both a call for escalation and a call for movement building, to create structures and relationships for growing resistance.

At the core of Flood the System is you and your friends, groups, and organizations. You will decide what your actions will look like. But we are also pooling together into local action councils–loose association of organizations, affinity groups, working groups and collectives – and a continental spokes council we’re calling the River Council. These democratic associations will help coordinate direct actions everywhere.


We will build slowly, like a small trickle of a stream. We’ll reach out to allies, new friends and partners. Our trickle will turn into rapids, as more organizations and affinity groups join decentralized direct actions to Flood the System. By November, we will engage in a series of coordinated mass direct actions to seriously disrupt the institutions that threaten our collective survival.

This is our Flood. Banks, immigration detention centers, rail and pipelines, extraction sites, police stations, government buildings will be overwhelmed as we expose the root causes of injustice in all its forms.

Ready to join the flood? Click here to sign up, click here to find an action near you, or click here to dive in and start organizing yourself.


Use the map below to find a #FLOODtheSYSTEM event near you.


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We Uplift Community-Based Alternatives.

We will amplify community practices as viable alternatives to the crisis we face, not than government or corporate “solutions.”

We Are Grassroots Led.

Grassroots groups and frontline communities will lead the fight with NGOs in a supporting role. Not the other way around.

We Strive for Accountability & Transformative Practices.

We will build a culture of non-oppressive behavior in our organizing spaces.

Racism, colonialism, capitalism, and patriarchy are the root causes of our struggles. We’re going to build resistance against these root causes.

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